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Join the water revolution!

Learn more about the inspiration behind water3.

Join the water revolution!

The number one thing you can do to save our planet is to ditch plastic bottled water for good. water3 provides a fast, affordable and eco friendly way to drink water and save the planet.

Every time you refill at a water3 kiosk you are not only reducing the amount of plastic bottle waste in our environment, but you are also directly funding a number of water3 conservation projects including; river and beach cleanups, turtle rehabilitation, and animal rescue.

With the water3 app you can hydrate on the go in 4 simple steps:

  1. Login or register your account and bottle
  2. Top up credit
  3. Search for a water3 kiosk near you using our kiosk locator
  4. Refill with still or sparkling water at a conveniently located kiosk near you

If you don’t have a water bottle handy, water3 kiosks also provide a state of the art water3 bottle with embedded RFID technology to make refilling even easier. Just swipe and go for a refreshing bottle of ice cold spring water.

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